About Us

We guide you to a healthy life and happy world through the gift of nature.


YESKIN will develop and commercialize the therapeutic tools of delivery medicine,
which is therapeutic medicine, and play the main role in the development and
dissemination of delivery medicine.

Establish university courses, a
national qualification system and
international qualification system by
registering delivery medicine as a
standard medical course.

Establish therapeutic medicine
through delivery medicine to actualize
disease-free longevity and happy
centenarian health.

Distribute delivery medicine worldwide
so that it can be easily accessed at low
cost for medically underdeveloped
countries and medically vulnerable groups
and actualize health improvements and
a happy world.

Develop purposeful cosmetics
according to the therapeutic principles
of delivery medicine to improve skin
disease, promote beauty and contribute
to skin beauty.



Guide to a healthy life and happy world through the gift of nature.

Core Values

  • Humanitarianism
  • Healing
  • Delivery
  • Medicine, 4 Seasons
    16 Body Constitutions

What is delivery medicine?

“From healing to healing, setting the standard for medicine”


Establishment of a new medicine that combines modern medicine with natural medicine


Defines medical
standards from
healing to healing


Combination of
therapeutic delivery


  • 01

    Set the standard for 21C
    medicine with healing to healing
    through delivery medicine.

  • 02

    Implement the spirit of
    humanitarianism with
    delivery medicine.

  • 03

    Actualize the dream of
    disease-free longevity and
    happy centenarian health.