We guide you to a healthy life and happy world through the gift of nature.

We will create new values with the spirit of humanitarianism combined with advanced technology.

YESKIN Co., Ltd.’s company-affiliated research institute was established in accordance with the philosophy of delivery medicine to guide people suffering from diseases to the path of healing. Since our establishment, we have been striving to help our customers with our spirit of endless challenges through the development of healthy functional foods and the development of CMCC (Corea Medical Cure Cosmetics) product groupthrough various functional material development and research activities.

Core Research Capacity


Quality Assurance




Technology convergence

Research Vision


Humanitarianism Spirit









Research & Development

Possession of original technology

  • Possession of technology for the extraction, separation, and purification of active substances.
  • Development of more effective and stable products with exclusive formulation technology.
  • Holds a number of patents for materials that are effective against antiviral/microorganisms.

Possession of pilot test equipment

  • Possession of various pilot test equipment to make high-quality products
  • Has the process to simulate and post-verify the efficacy, safety, and stability of products

Possession of R&D management system through various certifications

  • Various international standard certifications such as SO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 22716
  • Cosmetics Manufacturer and Responsible Sales Business

Development History

  • 2011. 6. Registered patent for demodex folliculorum sterilizer
  • 2016. 5. Registered patent for anti-influenza virus agent
  • 2017. 3. Developed and released health functional food "Circle 4U”/ Anti-Circle
  • 2018. 9. Patent application for food composition to improve cold
  • 2018. 9. ISO 9001, ISO 14001 certification
  • 2018.12. Patent application for food composition to improve chronic rhinitis
  • 2019. 7. Patent application for natural antifungal composition product
  • 2019. 2. Established YESKIN Co., Ltd. company affiliated research institute “Delivery Science Research Center"
  • 2019. 5. Developed CMCC (Corea Medical Cure Cosmetic) product line
  • 2019.10. Relocated company-affiliated research institute, establishment and permission of research-based plant facility
  • 2019.12. Registered patent for antiviral agent
  • 2020. 1. Developed and launched health functional food Anti Viva Plus, Circle 4U Selenium
  • 2020. 2. Developed CMCC-Hair Care, Oral Care product line ISO 227