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We guide you to a healthy life and happy world through the gift of nature.

This is YESKIN,
a health partner you can trust
that will lead you to a healing life.

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As a result of 30 years of research for the communication between modern medicine and medicine
from the past, the concept of delivery medicine, a disease management medicine through the
normalization of the fundamental cellular environment on the theoretical basis of modern medicine,
was established.
Based on 'The oriental medicine formulation guide everyone can understand (published in 2016)' and
'Nature's Secret Health Law Revealed (published in 2017),' basic theoretical books published as a result of the
research, therapeutic tools for COREA medicine was released by combining technologies such as the
antiviral drug, anti-influenza, and demodex folliculorum patents.
YESKIN is expanding the path of therapeutic medicine, centered around pharmacists who are experts in
domestic pharmacy, with a focus on 'Anti-plus,' an antiviral medicine that can kill viruses, which are one of
the root causes of diseases, and 'Circle 4-U,' a lymph circulation accelerator that creates a healthy cellular
environment by rapidly discharging pathological and waste products.
Therapeutic medicine that improves symptoms by normalizing the fundamental cellular environment of
our body, beyond the level of the limited disease-centered improvements, will guide you to the path of
disease-free longevity in the centenarian era.